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You can Help Provide IMMEDIATE At-Home COVID Testing Kits for Every Friend and Family Member, and Their Entire Family with $0 Cost to you and $0 Out-of-Pocket for them!



Add all your friends and family, and make sure to add yourself!

It is Easy and Simple. Simply Add their First Name, Last Name and an Email and hit SUBMIT or Download a CSV File listing all the Information! 


You Register with Exectras

A unified health platform makes the
enrollment process fast, easy and
seamless – instant enrollment.

We Submit to Your Insurance

We submit a claim to your insurance
company. There is NO deductible
and NO Co-pay.

We Ship to Your Home or Work

We will ship you up to 8 tests,
depending on the benefit provided
by your insurance plan, for as long as
the Biden Mandate is in effect.

You can Help Provide (8) At-Home COVID Tests Per Month FREE to every Friend and every Family Member at NO COST TO THEM whatsoever. Simply invite them to enroll and get their Free COVID Testing Kits sent right to their home.

Per the Biden administration policy, Insurers are now required to cover at-home COVID testing kits of up to (8) tests per month with no out-of-pocket fees to the insured, even if they have a deductible on their insurance plan.

If your friends and family are covered under a US-based health insurance plan, they are eligible to get (8) free over-the-counter tests per month, per family member, at No Cost to them at all. (For example, a family of four all on the same plan would be able to get up to (32) tests covered by their health plan per month.)


Testing for COVID-19 is Important for Everyone

Even if everyone is fully vaccinated, continued diligence is critical, including the use of rapid antigen testing. As variant strains emerge, the Self-Tests are a great way to remain confident in their health status when they are:

  • Experiencing Respiratory Symptoms or other Medical Conditions

  • Traveling Abroad

  • Responsible for the health of dependents like elderly parents or unvaccinated children

  • Visiting loved ones in high-risk groups

  • Attending Events like Concerts, Conventions, Weddings, and Birthdays

  • Returning to the Office

$0 Out-of-Pocket Cost

We submit claims to the Insurance Provider, on behalf of every insured person and their family, and provide them the Free Test Kits. With our partner Tiero, there are No Headaches, No Hassles, and No Worries. They never have to purchase a kit and struggle with the insurance companies to try and seek reimbursement.


Empoyee Benefits

Help your friends and family avoid the long lines for PCR tests, dealing with pharmacies that are out of rapid at-home tests, and self-submitting forms and receipts to Insurance Companies. Ease the financial burden of covering the cost of the tests up front or waiting for reimbursement for all your friends and family! They will thank you for inviting them to get Free Kits.

To Help Your Friends and Family to get Free COVID Tests all you have to do is provide the First Name, Last Name, and Email of each friend or family member you want to help.

1. What happens next?
Once your friends and family have successfully completed the registration process, they will receive emails and text notifications regarding the status of their order.

2. When do I get my tests?

Once approved for reimbursement by their insurance provider we will ship their free tests directly to their home at no additional cost!

Here are samples of the tests we provide. The exact test shipped to your

friends and family will be based on availability.